Fred Dawson

Author of Pearls Book Series

Author and entrepreneur Fred Dawson is passionate about empowering women and promoting gender parity. He also is committed deeply to supporting women-focused organizations.

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Fred’s “Pearls” books tell stories of women’s struggles, triumphs and successes.  Meet the women of Pearls by clicking on one of our book covers.

Book 1

Women Who Radiate Success

Book 2

Women Who Radiate Success

Book 3

Women Who Radiate Success

Takeaways From Pearls

“The women whose stories come alive in these pages have experienced challenges of all types during the courses of their lives and careers: the loss of loved ones, serious illness, career upheavals and gender discrimination. What makes them different is that each of them understands her worth, refused to give up when life got tough and has achieved great professional and spiritual success.”

Carla Markell
Delaware’s Former First Lady

I have had the awesome experience to read both editions of Pearls: Women Who Radiate Success. I can not say enough about the book and how it has touched me. It is an endearing wonderful book full of inspirational and heart-warming stories. I read the first edition and was in awe of the “Pearls”, and their stories of true-grit, determination, and tenacity. When I read the 2nd edition, I was once again inspired and motivated by the wonderful women.

Chantal Towles
President, Creative Business Assistants

It was an honor and great privilege to be one of the “Pearls” in Fred’s first book. I am flattered to be among these amazing and successful women and to read their stories of success and triumph. Thank you to Fred for writing our stories to share with others.

Diane Ferry
President and CEO, Star-Med

Whenever I need to be inspired, I pick up one of Fred Dawson’s “Pearls” books and read one of the stories of the women leaders he features. Powerful stories of challenge and triumph. Stories that help me be braver and more fearless about my work. If she can do it, so can I. “Pearls” women are teaching us to lead by creating our unique mark on the world.

Sharon Kelly Hake
CEO, Great Dames, Inc.

It has been my great privilege to be chosen as one of the Pearls in this beautiful series of coffee table books. Each one of the women featured has a life that are rich with vision, tenacity, generosity, and excellence. Each one’s story radiates her success, inspiring and encouraging us to reach for the highest and best version of ourselves. Just like a pearl, created over time and under pressure, each has risen above and beyond with resilience and grace. What an honor to be counted in their number!

Donna Duffy
CEO, 3E Marketing/Sage Success Studio

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