More than half of all women in the U.S. have suffered some form of burnout, brain fog, chronic stress, or fatigue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So says writer Michelle Fox. In a recent story, Fox writes that the pandemic forced working moms nationwide to juggle work, virtual schooling, and childcare during the pandemic. “Some women are dealing with loss of income, others may be caring for aging parents,” reports Fox. “They may be isolated from coworkers, friends, and family. In fact, more than half, or 53%, of women said their mental health suffers to the point of burnout because of their jobs, all or some of the time, according to a new poll conducted recently.

Pandemic Attacks Physically and Emotionally

Therapist and entrepreneur Bea Arthur calls this post-COVID-19 period “a state of trauma,” an “assault on our nervous system.” I have watched in awe as some friends take on maternal and professional roles simultaneously, but at the same time, worried about their well-being. It turns out that my concerns are founded.

Quoting workplace expert Jennifer Moss, the author of “The Burnout Epidemic, “One of the root causes of burnout is lack of fairness, which is something women have been dealing with in the workforce for a long time.”

Work and Home

Women also take on most of the household duties, writes Fox. “During COVID, women spent 20 hours a week on caregiving and housework, McKinsey & Company and found in their 2020 Women in the Workplace report.”

Moss, in her interview with Fox, said, “How can we expect them to still meet pre-COVID goals around productivity, also ask them to be engaged and ask them to take on 20 more hours of extra work per week, and then just say it is business as usual?”

Friends Matter

Colleagues and friends suggest that maintaining friendships is critical during this time. Personally, I love going out to lunch and genuinely miss breaking bread with people I admire and respect. I’m finally able to start making reservations and can’t wait to meet with people I have only spoken to by phone or Zoom. That connection has been missing, at least for me.